Formation - Efficient Time Management for Professionals

Organize yourself for optimal efficiency.

0,57 jour - 4 heures
  • Acquire practical time management skills and techniques for scheduling, planning and prioritising work.
  • Understand and implement a consistent time management system to feel more in control and to free your intellectual capacity.

Compétences acquises
By the end of this training, you will be able to immediately implement tools, methods and practical advice for more time efficient work.
Any person wishing to understand time perception traps, to feel more in control, and to discover new tools to optimize his/her daily habits for a greater time efficiency.

Efficient Time Management for Professionals

Analyze your current time organization

  • Expose and reduce your hidden time stealers.
  • Uncover untapped time sources.

Self-diagnosis: through a personal questionnaire and exercises.

Understand the laws of time and productivity

  • Outsmart human time perception biases.
  • Use human peak physiological performance in your day.
  • Achieve stress-free higher brain performance.

Exercise: simulations using a time management system.

Optimize your personal organization for time efficiency

  • Prioritize workload and key tasks.
  • Evaluate available time and communicate efficiently at work.
  • Boost your productivity with apps.
  • Appropriate proven productivity routines and tricks.
  • Set your mind for successful change.

Implementation: tailoring of essential time efficiency tools for immediate use.

Exercise: personal action plan.