Formation - Conducting Effective Annual Appraisal Interviews

Support The Development Of Your Employees

1 jour - 7 heures
  • Conducting an effective annual appraisal interview.
  • The value of preparation.
  • Techniques for giving constructive feedback.
  • Setting performance and development goals.
  • Creating a climate of trust.
  • Managing disagreements.

Compétences acquises
At the end of the training, the participants will be able to conduct an annual employee appraisal interview effectively and to set performance and development goals.
Anyone who gives employee appraisal interviews in his/her organization.

Conducting Effective Annual Appraisal Interviews

Design the annual interview as a management tool

  • Communicate the how and why of the annual evaluation process.
  • Identify the expectations of employees and the hierarchy .
  • Design annual interviews as key moments to appraise employee performance over the past year, develop talents and maintain motivation.

Prepare the annual interview effectively

  • Set performance and development goals.
  • Know the key factors that contribute to the success of annual interviews.
  • Communicate management expectations.
  • Design an approach, the different stages of an appraisal interview and its various tools.

Self-diagnosis of one’s attitude and communication skills and implementation of the annual evaluation process.

Conduct an effective interview and engage the employee in a constructive dialogue

  • Create a climate of trust that promotes a effective dialogue.
  • Anticipate and recognize likely difficulties.
  • Review the year.
  • Recognize the strengths and added value of the employee.
  • Give clear and honest messages.
  • Give feedback on the areas of performance in a constructive and motivational manner.
  • Define SMART objectives and provide the necessary means to achieve them.
  • Develop active listening skills and empathy.
  • Take advantage of the annual interviews to initiate a dynamic of change in the teams.

Scenario: practice conducting annual interviews.

To close an interview and to define a motivating development plan in collaboration with the employee

  • Identify the levers of the motivation for your employees.
  • Co-construct with each employee an effective development plan.
  • Encourage each employee to improve his/her practices.
  • Monitor the implementation of the objectives.
  • Get difficult messages across with assertiveness.

Scenario: construct a development plan using qualitative and quantitative objectives.

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