Formation - Emotional Intelligence for Interactions at Work

How to efficiently manage difficult professional situations.

0,57 jour - 4 heures

  • Understand the stakes and the place of emotional intelligence for efficiency at work.
  • Acquire practical methodology to face difficult work interactions.

Compétences acquises
By the end of this training, you will be able to prevent and react in a constructive manner to conflictual interactions.

  • Any person wishing to foster constructive, respectful and efficient work interactions.

Emotional Intelligence for Interactions at Work

Become aware of your personality in conflicts

  • The place of emotions in the workplace.
  • Identify your natural tendencies in conflict situations.

Self-diagnosis: through a personal questionnaire and exercises.

Detect characteristics of “difficult” personalities

  • Uncover stakes and types of conflicts.
  • Differentiate the types of personalities in a conflict.
  • Identify the steps in a conflict.

Exercise: simulations of different conflict situations.

Adopt the adapted strategy

  • Round up your internal resources.
  • Detect and avoid conflict ignition situations.
  • Prevent conflicts with your internal posture and communication.
  • Apprehend constructive conflict management techniques.
  • Set your mind for incremental change.

Personal action plan: to set smart objectives and steps towards success.